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【哪个app能买篮彩】疫情之下 杭州围棋定段人数独揽近九成再创新高

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On October 17th, news came from the Wuxi National Go Final Tournament in Jiangsu: The Hangzhou Mind Sports School, which had just been renamed from Hangzhou Chess School, once again refreshed its own record for the number of players in the game. This year’s 30 quotas were set. Hangzhou monopolizes 26, accounting for nearly 90%, which is shocking. Prior to this, the record for a city to occupy the most places in a fixed-stage match was 24, which was set by Hangzhou in 2018.


   In addition, in the list of 26 players in Hangzhou, Xu Haizhe and Lin Zijie are both 12-year-old players. If measured according to the age rule of professional Go players, both of them belong to the genius crowd...




   "Go College Entrance Exam", the admission rate is extremely low, and thousands of troops have crossed the single-plank bridge... This is the annual national fixed-stage competition, which gives the most intuitive experience of life inside and outside the circle.


When Hangzhou set a new record again, even the principal of Hangzhou Mental Sports School, Mo Liwen, expressed surprise, “I never thought it would be so good. Before we set off, we vaguely felt that the results should be good this time, but to be honest, 26 students The numbers still greatly exceed our own psychological expectations before the game."


  Perhaps, the impact of the epidemic this year in a given stage can explain part of the reason why Hangzhou has set a new high.


"Due to the impact of the epidemic, we started to organize online training in early February this year, and resumed offline training in early May. We have been preparing for the national fixed-stage match according to the original plan. The fixed-stage match held in August in previous years was postponed this year. October happened to give us two more months of preparation time.


  Secondly, in the first half of the previous year, there were many major cups across the country, but this year due to the epidemic, the major competitions have been postponed. The youngsters of the Chong Duan lost a platform for communication and horizontal comparison. The Hangzhou Mind Sports School has a unique advantage, that is, the second national youth Go training team has been in Hangzhou for a long time. The professional amateur round robin held every month allows all students to stay at home and still get the opportunity to confront and communicate with masters. I heard that this year the school also deliberately increased the opportunities for the youth team and outstanding students to compete with professional chess players every week.


In addition, the author has learned that in recent years, the Hangzhou Mind Sports School will be accompanied by several experts with special status. It is said that these experts are at the level of professors. They have only one purpose of accompanying them, which is to talk to students and parents. . "If you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins." At the end of the game, it may not be the technical level of the players but the psychological quality of the players.

此外,笔者获悉,近年来,杭州心灵体育学校将由多位具有特殊地位的专家陪同。据说这些专家是教授级的。他们只有一个陪伴他们的目的,那就是与学生和父母交谈。 。 “如果您在狭窄的道路上相遇,那么勇敢者会获胜。”在游戏结束时,这可能不是玩家的技术水平,而是玩家的心理素质。

In any case, in the words of Lin Jianchao, Chairman of the Chinese Go Association, the "hard-won" fixed-stage match has become a "touchstone" for testing Go training institutions across the country. Whoever has a stronger foundation will be better able to play To avoid the "crisis" and welcome the "opportunity" in the crisis, it seems that there is an answer at this moment. Facts have once again proved that Hangzhou’s Go talent training mechanism is rapidly attracting chess geniuses across the country, and it is also evolving and transforming these geniuses in a more efficient way.




A research institution has conducted data research on all Go world champions and found that most world champions are set before 14 years old. For example, Lee Sedol from South Korea is 12 years old and Ke Jie is about 11 years old and older. Chang Hao, a generation of "Tianjiao" chess player, set his stage at the age of 9 and caused a sensation in the national chess world.

一家研究机构对所有围棋世界冠军进行了数据研究,发现大多数世界冠军的年龄都在14岁以下。例如,来自韩国的Lee Sedol年龄为12岁,而Ke Jie年龄约为11岁。一代“天骄”棋手张浩(Chang Hao)于9岁登台,在国家象棋界引起了轰动。

   In other words, the younger the chess player decides the stage, the more room for his future prospects. Generally speaking, a young chess player who sets a stage before the age of 14 will be favored by people. If he sets a stage before the age of 12, he is almost a genius in the genius group.


   According to Wei Zixiang, the teacher of the Mental Sports School, Lin Zijie and Xu Haizhe of Hangzhou Ding Duan are both 12 years old, and they are all from the Hangzhou Mental Sports School's training class step by step. They have a solid foundation. Among them, Lin Zijie participated in the scheduled stage last year with illness, and his fighting spirit was commendable, and he gave full play to the never-say-to-fail sports spirit; Xu Haizhe is a young chess player, a rare "optimist", not only has strong chess skills, And multi-talented, he serves as the host of the school’s New Year’s party every year, and is the “master flower” among the students in the same class.


"At present, the record of the youngest female chess player in the country was created by Wu Yiming trained in Hangzhou. We still want to try whether we can cultivate more and better seedlings. In terms of male chess players, surpass the predecessor Chang Hao's. The record is difficult, but we have a very complete echelon and a very strong reserve of talents. Over time, I believe that Hangzhou can train more outstanding champion players."


(Liao Xugang)


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