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基地成立初期的竹棚训练馆 李京泽 摄

Author: Li Jingze

author: l IJ ing则

  The movie "Win the Championship" was hit, and the women's volleyball girl and the spirit of the women's volleyball team once again sparked heated discussions.


   At the beginning of the film, the audience's thoughts were brought back to the training base in Zhangzhou, Fujian, the place where the Chinese women's volleyball team was established, and the women's volleyball player's "natal family".


   In 1972, when the National Sports Commission was preparing to build the women's volleyball training base, Gu Huaqun came here to take care of the logistics work. When he was busiest, he had to take care of the food, clothing, housing and transportation of more than 200 players. Everyone called him "Uncle Gu." After retiring, Gu Huaqun did not leave the training base. He picked up a camera to record the training, competition and life of the women's volleyball team from generation to generation.


   At his home not far from the base, he was nearly 90 years old and opened a thick photo album, telling many stories that were not shown in "Win the Championship". In the story, the training conditions of the old women's volleyball team are more difficult than those seen by movie audiences. There are also moments of joy in life. It is a passionate time full of youth.




   Walls covered with ball prints, simple equipment, this is what the women's volleyball stadium looks like in the movie. In fact, this has been a qualitative change compared to the venue conditions in the early days of the base.


  According to Gu Huaqun's recollection, in the initial stage of preparing the women's volleyball base, the relevant departments only allocated 30,000 yuan of funds for the construction. At that time, the troops stationed in Zhangzhou brought in 500 large bamboos as the main material for building the stadium. After that, another piece of coal cinder was laid and covered with a "sand" ground made of compacted sand, white ash, and red soil. A bamboo shed training hall was built in less than 30 days.


The athletes trained to roll on it, rolling off the upper layer of soil, exposing cinder, "That cinder is like a knife," Gu Huaqun said. Girls’ legs and elbows are often worn to bleed, which makes him look very much. Distressed.


   At that time, there was a five-sentence summary of the women's volleyball team's arduous training: Roll on the mud, remove several layers of skin, not be afraid of hardships, practice skills and tactics hard, and aspire to climb the peak.


   From the "Bamboo Shed Spirit" to the "Women's Volleyball Spirit", the spirit of never giving up and working hard is in the same continuous line.




   "None of the more than 200 athletes retreated. Their goal is to raise the five-star red flag on the international stadium."

“ 200多名运动员中没有一个退缩。他们的目标是在国际体育场上升起五星级红旗。”

  Gu Huaqun said that the old women's volleyball players train for 8 to 10 hours a day, and some even up to 12 hours. They let Uncle Gu arrange a timetable and practice harder one by one.


   What impressed him the most was Cao Huiying, who is known as "Desperate Saburo", "This girl is too hard to endure. During training, she broke her finger, injured her meniscus, and had a steel plate inserted in her waist and still insisted on training."


   In addition to Cao Huiying, the 16-year-old Cao Shufang from the Shaanxi women's volleyball team is also an "iron man". When she rolled over, she injured her thigh and fainted on the court. After being sent to the hospital, the doctor washed her thigh with more than 40 grains of sand.


   After arduous training, in the 3rd World Cup in 1981, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the defending champion Japan in the final battle and reached the top of the world for the first time.


   The whole country celebrated that night. At the Zhangzhou training base, Gu Huaqun and a dozen staff members heard the news around the radio, and then received confirmation on the phone from the National Sports Commission. The staff ran outside excitedly and set off the firecrackers that had been prepared for celebration.


   Gu Huaqun said that it was a sleepless night. He heard from a friend in Beijing that many people ran to the street to beat gongs and drums. Those who didn't have gongs and drums would just take the washbasin to beat them.


The victory of    women's volleyball team boosted the morale of the Chinese. In the following many years, the countless victories of this national team affected the joy and pride of the people of the country.


  The training uniform worn by the female volleyball player Li Jingze




   "Uncle Gu, is there anything delicious?"


   This is one of the words that women's volleyball girls like to ask Gu Huaqun. For these players who are about the same age as his children, he always tries to save them some snacks.


   Every time I was asked, Gu Huaqun would point to his drawer. There were always some fruits and pastries in it, so the girls would not leave empty-handed.


   When following the women's volleyball team to Xiamen and other cities to compete, the organizers will put some fruits and snacks on the table, and the players are shy and will not take them by themselves. "They are embarrassed, I am embarrassed," Gu Huaqun picked up the fruit and stuffed them into their coats, and muttered as they stuffed them, "You are training hard. It's okay to eat."

当跟随女排前往厦门和其他城市比赛时,组织者将一些水果和零食放在桌上,运动员很害羞,不会自己带走。 “他们很尴尬,我很尴尬。”顾华群捡起水果,塞进外套里,喃喃自语,“他们正在努力训练。可以吃。”

   Gu Huaqun remembers that in the 1970s, each female volleyball player of the national team paid two yuan for food for one day. What is the level of food expenses for two yuan? He made a comparison. At that time, a dime could buy 7 or 8 catties of water spinach, and a dime could buy a catty of rice. A month’s food expenses for a team member is equivalent to a month’s income for a person or even a family.


   In Zhangzhou, only patients and pilots of the PLA Hospital also have this preferential treatment.


   In the era of scarce supplies, this is inevitably questioned by some people. To this end, the government specially organized leading cadres to the base to watch women's volleyball training during a weekend. "Seeing the athletes falling, rolling, and climbing on the ground, everyone was convinced," Gu Huaqun said. After the visit, some people even offered to give the athletes more supplies.


   On New Year's Eve in the movie, the girls saw their family members waiting for their dumplings after finishing their training. This is not common in reality. Most of the time, they were accompanied by Gu Huaqun and staff on New Year's Eve. In order to alleviate their homesickness, Gu Huaqun arranged full activities for the night.


   After training, the girls watch a movie first, set up a table of delicious food near twelve o'clock, and then there will be a literary evening, accompanied by a game project of blowing chicken feathers and sticking noses. After it was over, it was two o'clock in the morning, and when everyone was tired from playing, they brought the thoughts of home into the dream.




   Lang Ping and Gu Huaqun’s sons and daughters are about the same age and have kept in touch with him for many years.


   Gu Huaqun remembered seeing this child from Beijing for the first time. She wore two small braids and was tall but thin. Like everyone else, the question most willing to ask him is whether there is any delicious.


   "She doesn't kill her when she practices." On several occasions, I watched Lang Ping practice too hard. Gu Huaqun couldn't help asking her why she was doing this. Lang Ping told him that playing volleyball was to get on the championship podium to win glory for the country.


   "She showed extraordinary perseverance at that time. She was never afraid to compare with others. If you are better than me, I will practice harder, and I must surpass you and never admit defeat."


   Every time Lang Ping returns to Zhangzhou Gu Huaqun, he has to take photos of her. Lang Ping has also appeared many times in his family album. After becoming the head coach of the national team, Lang Ping brought the women's volleyball team to the base for training. With a severe waist injury, she would personally demonstrate passing and receiving.


Gu Huaqun had learned that Lang Ping had suffered even turning over at night due to physical injuries. He reminded Lang Ping to try his best not to hurt his body when he saw her personally perform actions. However, Lang Ping replied, "Uncle Gu, I also know that I am not in good health. When the players' movements are irregular, they can't help showing them."


   "Don't look at Lang Ping's always smiling face. When she is really serious, many players are afraid of her three points. Her team talks about technology and strategy, and is more mindful and style. I think these are the reasons for becoming a champion," Gu Huaqun said.




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