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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Guoqiu Di Morning Post on October 3rd.


The complete schedule of the UEFA Champions League group stage for the new season has been released. The much-anticipated Melo encounter will be held on October 29 and December 9 Beijing time. Although Europe will enter winter time on October 25, it is for Chinese fans to watch the game. Time is not too friendly, but I believe that nothing can stop our love of football, the Champions League! !

新赛季欧洲冠军联赛小组赛的完整时间表已经发布。备受期待的Melo相遇将于北京时间10月29日和12月9日举行。尽管欧洲将于10月25日进入冬季比赛,但中国球迷还是可以观看比赛。时间不是太友好,但我相信没有什么能阻止我们对欧洲冠军联赛足球的热爱! !

The situation of the new crown epidemic in Europe has once again become serious. Liverpool officially announced this morning that the team’s general Mane has contracted the new crown. He will also be absent from the weekend’s league and national team matches; Genoa, who has postponed its Serie A match with Turin due to the epidemic, announced the team again today Three more people were infected with the new coronavirus, a total of 19 people were infected.


Today's European football transfer window is extremely busy, with many teams signing new aid. Benfica striker Vinicius joins Tottenham on loan; Leicester City sign St. Etienne centre-back Fofana; Lazio signs Manchester United midfielder Pereira on loan; Liverpool teenager Brewster creates Sheffield United transfer fee A record 27 million euros joined.


In other aspects of international football, Lukaku won last season's UEFA Europa League Player of the Year Award; Europa League draws for Tottenham and Arsenal got good draws, Milan faced the Celtics; Ligue 1 6th round, Paris 6-1 Bloodbath Angers welcomes four consecutive victories.


At 03:00 on October 3, Beijing time, the sixth round of the French Ligue 1 match, Paris Saint-Germain sits at home against Angers. In the first half, Florenzi scored a freehand volley and scored his first goal in Paris' career. Mbappe assisted Neymar with a burst shot. In the second half, Neymar completed the double ring in the next city, Draxler, Goyer and Mbappe made contributions respectively, and Ismail Traore pulled one back for Angers. In the end, Paris had a 6-1 victory over Angers at home and achieved four consecutive victories.


On October 3, Beijing time, Liverpool officially announced that the team forward Mane's Covid-19 tested positive. He currently has mild symptoms but generally feels healthy and needs to self-isolate in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements.


According to official news from the Champions League, the 2020/21 season UEFA Champions League group stage schedule is determined. Beijing time began in the early morning of October 21, the first round of Bayern vs. Atletico, Paris vs. Manchester United, the second round of the early morning of October 29, Juventus vs. Barcelona, ​​Ronaldo and Messi met for the first time in the UEFA Champions League group stage.


The 2020-21 UEFA Europa League group stage draw is officially released. Arsenal and Tottenham have drawn good draws, and it is not difficult for the group to break through. Milan, in third gear, was fortunate not to encounter strong enemies such as the Gunners Tottenham, but the opponents in the group are not weak.


On October 2, Beijing time, the best player of the 2019-20 UEFA Europa League was announced. Inter Milan striker Lukaku won the award.


According to Foot Mercato's news, Lyon captain Depay rejected AC Milan's offer.

根据Foot Mercato的消息,里昂队长Depay拒绝了AC米兰的报价。

On October 2, Beijing time, Real Madrid’s official website announced that the team’s right back, Carvajal, was injured in training. He was tested to be injured on the medial ligament of his right knee. The injury information needs further inspection.


After Durst joined Barcelona, ​​the German transfer market website took stock of the US player transfer fee rankings. Durst ranked second with 21 million euros, and Pulisic ranked first.


In the early morning of October 3, Beijing time, according to a number of Western media and reporters, if the previous review of Bartomeu's vote of no confidence is finally valid, Bartomeu may resign next Monday or Tuesday, local Spanish time.


Leicester City officially announced that the team officially signed St Etienne defender Fofana, the transfer fee was not disclosed.


In the early morning of October 3, Beijing time, Tottenham officially announced that Benfica forward Carlos Vinicius would join the team on loan.

北京时间10月3日凌晨,托特纳姆热刺正式宣布本菲卡前锋卡洛斯·维尼修斯(Carlos Vinicius)将借入该队。

Lazio officially announced that the team has loaned Manchester United midfielder Pereira.


Sheffield United officially announced that the team signed Brewster from Liverpool in a permanent transfer. The two sides signed a five-year contract. The transfer fee broke the club's historical record. It is reported that the transfer fee is 27 million euros.


Earlier, UAE media broke the news that due to the schedule problems caused by the new crown epidemic, the 2020 Club World Cup originally scheduled to be held in Doha in December this year will be cancelled, while the New World Club Cup originally planned for 2021 in China The game will also be held in a different location. Media person Ma Dexing said that this news is not groundless.


On October 2, Beijing time, Qingdao Huanghai’s foreign aid Cleo officially left the team and bid farewell to China. He had already been substituted for registration. As parting, Cleo expressed his unwillingness.


According to the statistics of the blogger "China Overseas Players News", in the first stage of the Chinese Super League this season, the Dalian native is the team with the youngest starting average age, while Shanghai Shenhua is the oldest team.


Recently, Côte d’Ivoire announced the latest national team roster, with Wuhan Zall’s foreign aid Evra on the list.


England star Scholes posted on social media commenting on Foden and Greenwood losing the England team. He said: "England may be punished for this."


In the 4th round of the Premier League, Manchester City challenged Leeds away. Before the game, Guardiola revealed that from this week the Premier League will adjust the handball rules to reduce disputed penalty kicks. Guashuai also said that Bielsa is his most admired coach.


Before the Premier League game against Tottenham, Solskjaer praised Mourinho, thinking that he was a very attractive head coach.


According to Radio Serre, the Madrid region government had turned to Pique for help when the epidemic was at its worst, hoping that he could trust people to purchase epidemic prevention materials from China.


On October 1, Beijing time, Shenzhen Kaisa player Pei Shuai ended his closed life for more than two months and started his own vacation. He took his wife and son on vacation.


00:30 Bundesliga RB Leipzig vs Schalke 04

00:30莱比锡德甲RB vs沙尔克04

00:30 Premier League Leeds United vs Manchester City


02:45 Serie A Udinese vs Roma


19:00 Premier League Leicester City vs West Ham United


21:00 Premier League Arsenal vs Sheffield United


21:00 Serie A Lazio vs Inter Milan


22:00 La Liga Levante vs Real Madrid


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