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One of Conte’s dissatisfaction is the on-the-spot scheduling. The timing of the substitutions and the pertinence of the substitutions are always unsatisfactory. The UEFA Champions League and Borussia Munchen have seen obvious physical decline in the midfield around 70 minutes, covering Obviously insufficient, but Conte still did not make any moves, and eventually led to two consecutive goals. And this situation abounds. Last year's UEFA Europa League final had the same problem against Sevilla, and the late substitution caused the situation to turn straight. At the same time, there is also his targeted substitutions. Conte's substitutions are basically an expected adjustment, focusing on the exchange of wingbacks and forwards, and targeted adjustments to changes in the game are almost invisible. There are problems after changing on the spot. How can Conte solve it?




Conte has been trying to play a full-back as a central defender since the end of last season. This season, he simply played as a bilateral defender. Godin was let go, and Shik became a substitute. Then there were two defenses in the first round of the league and the Milan Derby. Disastrous performance. Indeed, full-backs playing central-backs are a good choice for the ball and pressure, but the essential problem is that this system lacks the creativity of the center and frontcourt. It can only rely on the wide-backs to form the difference in numbers and local advantages. Bringing loopholes in the backcourt is an endless loop. Even if Godin is not so familiar with this system, based on his performance in the Europa League last year, a rotation of central defenders is definitely sufficient. It can only be understood that Conte planned to use the full-backs to play central-backs at the beginning of the season, not because of the helpless changes brought about by the new crown. What is even more frightening is that he actually wants to sell Shik, maybe he hasn't sold yet. Shike, he is about to leave. In today's European football where a good central defender is hard to find, a first-class central defender who is loyal to the team and has no complaints will be sold. Then I have to ask, is this to bring Inter Milan a championship, or to tear down a foundation built over the years?

自从上个赛季结束以来,孔戴一直在努力扮演后卫的角色。这个赛季,他只是扮演一名双边后卫。戈丁被放开了,史克成了替补。然后在联赛的第一轮和米兰德比中有两次防守。灾难性的表现。的确,中后卫打中后卫是控球和施压的好选择,但本质的问题是该系统缺乏中锋和前场的创造力。它只能依靠后卫来形成数量上和当地优势上的差异。在后场带来漏洞是一个无休止的循环。即使戈丁对这个系统不太熟悉,根据他去年在欧罗巴联赛中的表现,中央后卫的轮换绝对是足够的。只能理解,孔戴计划在赛季开始之初就使用后卫来打中后卫,而不是因为新王冠带来的无助改变。更可怕的是,他实际上想出售Shik,也许他还没有出售。 Shike,他即将离开。在当今很难找到优秀的中后卫的欧洲足球比赛中,将忠于球队并且没有怨言的一流的中后卫将被出售。然后我要问,这是使国际米兰夺冠,还是拆除多年来建立的基金会?

For a team that is trying to rejuvenate, it is true that it cannot be rushed, one step at a time is the most critical. Therefore, the author personally has always supported Conte before, because the team he led last year saw progress and created the highest points in Serie A over the years. The most important thing for a team’s revival is the stability of the coach. Such as Liverpool. However, Conte’s performance from the end of last season to the present has made the author completely disappointed in him. On the one hand, the endless chatter off the court not only caused endless annoyance for the team management, but also the team and fans. The storm is on the cusp. On the other hand, with the huge support given by the management and basically satisfying all of his buyer needs, the team could not see actual progress. In the past, the offense lacked creativity, slow on-site scheduling and targeted Sexual weakness and other issues continue to recur, so how can people see the hope of future revival? It is very rare to have a highly supportive and highly dedicated management team. If it has been Conte, it is likely that these support will be buried. So, what is the value of Conte's existence?


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