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In the summer of 2003, the world of football changed.


Germany, Bayern Munich used 18 million euros (yes, the price of the year was such a conscience) to break the transfer record of the team's history and introduced the Dutch marksman Ma Kai to complete the upgrade of the striker.


Italy, the Milan duo each harvested a 21-year-old Brazilian genius-Kaka & Adriano. These two men became the trump cards of their respective teams in the future.


Spain, "Football Wizard" Ronaldinho landed at the Nou Camp, and the Barcelona Dream II Dynasty set sail. "Geeky" Beckham airborne Bernabeu, Real Madrid reached the peak of the Galaxy Era.

西班牙的“足球巫师”罗纳尔迪尼奥降落在诺坎普,而巴塞罗那梦二世王朝起航。 “怪异”贝克汉姆空降伯纳乌,皇马到达银河时代的顶峰。

In England, Russian tycoon Abramovich entered Stamford Bridge in a high-profile manner, announcing the advent of the Premier League Golden Dollar era. Chelsea's new boss


At that time Ronaldo was also affectionately called Xiao Luo by the fans. As a first-timer, he originally wanted to wear the No. 28 when he was in Lisbon, but Ferguson will symbolize the legendary No. 7


In the first game of the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo, who appeared on the bench, conquered all Manchester United fans in just 30 minutes-fast speed, dazzling dribbling, cycling, ox tail, flower foot, Portuguese teenager who was born with a calf. Raging Bolton's defenses again and again, even Best could not help but sigh: "This is the most exciting debut I have ever seen."

在英超联赛的第一场比赛中,出现在替补席上的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)以仅30分钟的速度征服了所有曼联球迷,令人眼花乱的运球,骑自行车,牛尾巴,花足,葡萄牙小将出生于小牛。一次又一次地激怒博尔顿的防守,就连Best也不禁感叹:“这是我见过的最激动人心的首秀。”

In England, Ronaldo met a young genius who was similar to his age-England "prodigy" Rooney.


In the 2004 European Cup, England and Portugal met in the knockout round. The 19-year-old Rooney Ronaldo made his debut on behalf of their respective teams. The difference is that the former retired early from injury.

在2004年欧洲杯中,英格兰和葡萄牙在淘汰赛中相遇。 19岁的鲁尼·罗纳尔多(Rooney Ronaldo)代表各自的战队亮相。不同之处在于前者因伤提前退休。

This summer, Ferguson brought Rooney to Manchester United with a sky-high price of £25.6 million. The latter performed a hat-trick in the first game for the Red Devils and became the youngest player with a cap in the history of the Champions League.


From Black Wind Shuangsha to Beckham's connection to Rooney Ronaldo now, Ferguson is particularly good at creating a frontcourt duo around talented attackers. Two geniuses who were born in 1985 met at Old Trafford, and the fans couldn't help but look forward to the future of Manchester United.

从“黑风双煞”到贝克汉姆现在与鲁尼·罗纳尔多的联系,弗格森特别擅长围绕有才华的攻击者打造前场二人组。 1985年出生的两位天才在老特拉福德相遇,车迷们不禁期待着曼联的未来。

Since joining Manchester United, Ronaldo’s performance has been mixed. He has been addicted to personal dribbling and his last pass is not good. He has been increasingly criticized by the media and even his teammates. Van Nistelrooy complained that Ronaldo was too selfish.

自加入曼联以来,罗纳尔多的表现参差不齐。他沉迷于个人运球,而他的最后传球不好。媒体甚至他的队友都越来越批评他。 Van Nistelrooy抱怨罗纳尔多太自私。

Compared to Ronaldo's struggle, Rooney's performance is undoubtedly more dazzling. In the first season, he scored 17 goals and became the first scorer in the Manchester United team. He won the Premier League's best young player award for two consecutive years.


Among the twin stars of Manchester United at the time,


In the summer of 2006, Rooney and Ronaldo entered the World Cup for the first time. At that time, Ronaldo was just a wingman next to Figo, while Rooney has become the most relied on striker killer of the Three Lions, carrying the hope of the entire England after Irving was injured.


In the quarter-finals, England and Portugal met once again. The confrontation between these two teams has never lacked topics and classics, Beckham vs. Figo, Rooney vs. Ronaldo.


In the 62nd minute, Rooney stepped on Carvalho's crotch in the fight. The referee Elizondo (well, the one who sent off Zidane in the final) immediately stopped the game but did not immediately show Rooney.


This scene was completely captured by the broadcast footage, and England was furious all over the country.


England, who played one less player, fell into a passive position in the subsequent game, and finally fell into a penalty shoot-out again. And it was Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the winning penalty.


Although the referee clarified after the game that he planned to send Rooney from the beginning, Ronaldo's behavior did not affect his decision, but the good news media still established Portugal No. 17 as the "British Enemy". Flop "diving", "


The moment of enthusiasm in the World Cup made Cristiano Ronaldo fall into multiple difficulties this summer: media criticism, fan abuse, and even more extreme people even sent bullets and blades to attack his Manchester residence. In addition, whether to reconcile with Rooney has also become a big problem for the Portuguese.

世界杯的热情一刻使克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在今年夏天陷入了多重困难:媒体批评,狂热的球迷,甚至更多极端的人甚至还发射子弹和刀片来攻击他在曼彻斯特的住所。另外,是否与鲁尼和好也成为葡萄牙人的大问题。

Gerrard once advised Rooney to break off with Ronaldo: "I told Rooney after the game that if we play against Spain and Alonso (true love) asks the referee to send me off, then I will never speak to him again. (True love indeed)." Alan Shearer added fuel to the fire: "I think Rooney has the opportunity to give Ronaldo this at the training ground when he returns to Manchester United."

杰拉德曾经建议鲁尼与罗纳尔多分手:“赛后我告诉鲁尼,如果我们对阵西班牙和阿隆索(真正的爱人)要求裁判遣送我离开,那么我将再也不会和他说话。 )。”艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)更为火上浇油:“我认为鲁尼回到曼联时有机会在训练场上给罗纳尔多加油。”

However, Ronaldo insisted that he never regretted: "When you represent your country, you have to fight for your jersey. I didn't do anything wrong and didn't target Rooney. He understood my thoughts and we still It's a friend. The media always likes to fabricate lies and render things that don't exist into a big show."


"When I returned to England I was worried, not because of Rooney, but because of facing the fans. It was a difficult time."


The most surprising thing is that Rooney, who has always been hot-tempered, showed incredible generosity: "That incident was over after the game. There was no problem between Ronaldo and I. I was not angry at all, and vice versa. I might also do the same thing. I complained to the referee in the first half that he should give a card in a flop.


Despite this, there are still rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo, whose personal safety is threatened, does not want to return to England, but is determined to move to Real Madrid. But just like sheltering Beckham 12 years ago,


As a result, before the 2006-07 season, the 21-year-old Portuguese faced a difficult prospect of tens of thousands of people in all away games except Old Trafford.


On the first day of the new season, Ronaldo, who returned from the World Cup holiday, surprised all his teammates.


"In terms of size,


In the opening game of the Premier League, Manchester United, which had four goals in the lead 20 minutes before the game, ushered in a good start to the season with a 5-1. Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have received much attention, both smiled and grinned. The image of embracing and celebrating on the 7th and 8th announced to the outside world that the two people had settled their suspicions.


This is a season of the revival of the Manchester United dynasty. The red devils who have set sail again conquered England with gorgeous offensive football. The twin stars of Ronaldo are the driving force behind Manchester United's return to the top. This year, Ferguson's biggest brilliant pen is undoubtedly Ronaldo, who successfully retained and activated the "British Enemy".


Tactically, Ferguson gave Ronaldo the greatest support and trust, and built a complete mobile offensive system around the latter. Technically, Ferguson developed the huge scoring potential of the Portuguese. Ronaldo has what it is today, thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson's indoctrination.


The slutty boy who used to be boring and carrying the ball is gone, replaced by a side killer who has gradually perfected his skills and matured mentality——


Compared to Ronaldo, Rooney's performance is much bleak.


Throughout the season, four big and small scoring shortages and extremely unstable conditions have gradually opened up the distance between the Gemini stars who had been on a par with each other.


In Manchester United's system, Rooney began to give the offensive core position to the reborn Portuguese, and took on more defensive tasks. Later, he even gave up the midfield area, increasingly entrusting side lanes and midfielders.


How good is Ronaldo this year? The data is sufficient:


17 goals, third in the Premier League; 14 assists, first in the Premier League; 145 shots, first in the Premier League; 190 times, first in the Premier League; November-December best player Lian Zhuang, best PFA Professional Player Association Player, best rookie, FWA Journalist Fan Association best player, club season best player.

17个进球,在英超联赛中排名第三; 14次助攻,在英超联赛中排名第一; 145杆,在英超联赛中排名第一; 190次,在英超联赛中排名第一; 11月至12月最佳球员连壮,最佳PFA职业球员协会最佳球员,最佳新秀,FWA记者球迷协会最佳球员,俱乐部赛季最佳球员。

European stadium,


For Ronaldo, this is a season of transformation.


For Manchester United, this has been a nearly perfect year. After three years of salary, Ferguson's team finally regained the long-lost league throne. Ronaldo also tasted the taste of the Premier League champion for the first time. Crown's glorious journey begins.


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